Uzomah C. Prosper

Head of Operations
B3B Nigeria

Uzomah Chinatu Prosper earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from the prestigious Imo State University with a First Class Honours, majoring in Critical Thinking and Strategic Planning. He is a young professional and nation-builder, with a major proficiency in mentoring young people from children to teenagers and youth as his path to nation-building from personal fulfillment by effective leadership, but this must be founded on self-discovery that can be realized.  

Prosper is the founder of UCAP Resources — a nation building platform with the vision “saving posterity by building the nation”, and has reached out to over 10,000 young people globally in the past five years.  By partnering with various organisations he has built a huge leadership and human capital development experience and has developed a model for human emancipation called SPARKLE, which is the current curriculum of his online mentorship school, a 24-month mentorship program for nation building.  He believes that with SPARKLE, Africa can shine, which is the passion for UCAP Resources, “raising leaders in all spheres of life”, that will pioneer his dream to lead Nigeria and Africa away from the syndrome of blackness in darkness to her light by raising a generation of transformational leaders in all spheres of life.  

Prosper is a polymath of many proficiency beyond critical thinking and strategic planning, such as nation building, teens and youth mentorship, Academic coaching, conference speaker, financial resource, Agro-medic instructor from Green Farm Global Network, Start up and Business consultant from both Peter Druker and Africa for Venture Capitalist, and a life and leadership coach.  For Uzomah, LIFE means Leadership Is For Everyone, and he is committed to the emergence of leaders from his six discovered spheres of life, for Nigeria and Africa, this therefore has made human realisation his desperation.  He is a prolific writer and speaker with many maxims and principles to his credit.