trish toua

Trish Toua

Head of Impact and Strategy
B3B Papua New Guinea

Trish is a vibrant, bold, and deeply passionate 20-year-old. After graduating high school in 2019 with a GPA of 2.2, she still managed to be accepted to attend the International Training Institute to get her Diploma in Business Administration. On the 26 th of June 2020, she formed a campaigned called End the Silence Campaign PNG to fight against Gender Based Violence in Papua New Guinea. She then led a peaceful march that had at least 300 people walking alongside her to seek justice for 19-year-old Late Miss. Jenelyn Kennedy a mother of two, who was brutally tortured and murdered to death by her accused husband Boship Kaiwi.

Trish was then part of the Gender-Based Violence Task Force led by Governor for the National Capital District of Port Moresby, Hon. Governor Powes Parkop. On the 10 th of November 2020, she was invited to be a Guest Speaker at the National Youth South Side Summit 2020. However, Trish decided to put her campaign on hold to get more experience and learn more about Gender-Based-Violence in Papua New Guinea, whereby she is now working as a Casual Officer under UNFPA with a Non-profit Organisation called Equal Playing Field which is an organisation that aims to end GBV by teaching children about respectful relationships through their Equal Playing Field 4 Schools program. She is currently in a team of 5 officers organizing this years Youth Leadership Summit that is the first of its kind in PNG.

Trish has accomplished so much beyond her expectation and has an exceptionally long journey ahead of her, she has done a lot for a young woman in Papua New Guinea at her age and honestly believes she has found her passion and that is to continue to fight for Justice for women and girls around the country.