rachad sanoussi

Rachad Sanoussi

Assistant Country Director

Originally from Benin, Bendjedid Rachad Sanoussi is a telecom engineer. For the last four years, he worked as a laboratory technician at Phoran (Photonics and Digital Broadcasting) at the University of Abomey-Calavi, where he devoted himself to teaching and facilitating practical work for students in telecommunications engineering. These experiences exposed him to the professional world and especially to academia for several years. Interested in the development of the Internet, he joined the Internet Society Benin Chapter (ISOC Benin), an organisation that works for the development and accessibility of a universal Internet, open to all. His passion, determination and ambition led him to get involved in the community and become an advocate for the SDGs by sharing and transmitting hope to the youth through his work and community engagements in several organisations. His areas of interest include access and digital inclusion, cybersecurity, digital rights, optical and wireless technologies. He proactively engages youth in addressing issues in their communities through digital literacy, networking, and activism. 

Currently, Rachad serves as the Head of Communication and Public Relations at ISOC Benin. As a Youth Ambassador of Internet Governance, he encourages young people to take part in topics related to this field. Also, he has dedicated himself to the role of Technical Support of Digital Grassroots, a youth network developed to increase digital citizenship at the grassroots level. As a young person from a Francophone country, Mr Sanoussi has actively participated in dialogue and learning to shine the light on digital inclusion issues and the history of the internet in Benin. Furthermore, Rachad is committed to the conservation of biodiversity and the promotion of free knowledge.