Howell Felicilda

Chief Marketing Officer
Founding Board Member

Howell brings over five years of experience in managing student-oriented university organizations in the Philippines, grassroots youth activism, and an unparalleled familiarity with the practical political dimension of youth development in the country. His leadership experience started when he was elected Councilor in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) — College of Communication Student Council while being actively engaged in several other college organizations. 

In 2017, Howell served as the Chairperson for PUP BroadCircle – the premiere academic organization of the Department of Broadcast Communication, and he was also the National Secretariat for Creatives and Publications for the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines – the largest formation of student councils and governments across the country. As a student activist, he became a member of Laban PUP – an organization geared towards transformative and progressive student political formation.

Howell is an emerging graphic designer whose advocacy is to be of service to communities through active youth involvement, empowering them with their interests and participation in decision-making in a progressive and inclusive governance. Howell holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Broadcast Communication.