hannah james

Hannah Athaliah James

Head of Finance
B3B Papua New Guinea

Hannah specializes in NGO financial management, business administration and procurement which she has 5 years of experience in; She also has interest and learning experience in project budgeting, and policy making, HR management, philanthropy projects and creating partnerships. As the Head of Finance for Beyond Three Billion, she will navigate and build the organisational finance and structure with her skills and experience, and lead and advise in other sectors of the organisation where she is needed to.

Hannah currently works as the Project Finance Officer at YWCA of PNG for the EU project Stopim Hevi Kamapim Bel Isi and she is a young women leader representative for YWCA of Papua New Guinea. She is also the Founder of JamSal Photography which provides photography and videography services, and also the Founder for Munduna Teiweh Initiatives which is a community focused charity foundation which delves in philanthropy and aims to initiate library for schools in rural areas, create partnerships to provide e-literacy assistance to rural schools, provide trainings on financial literacy and technological applications or softwares like MS Office Suite or Zoom, and secure funding to give as grants in rural areas for community development projects.

Hannah is also the producer and assistant director at Haus Kunai Films, and has been the matron of the Simbu Provincial Schools Debate and Quiz Competition for 3 years. She was selected as an intern for World YWCA Young Women Leadership Cohort 2020, has many volunteer experiences in different NGOs, is passionate about supporting and creating sustainable community development projects, and is interested in training and helping people in marginalised areas to build their capacity.

Hannah holds a Bachelor of Management degree from Divine Word University, an Advanced Diploma in HRM and a Diploma in Business from the Institute of Business Studies, and a Certificate for Problem Driven Iterative Adaptation from Harvard Centre to solve organisational and governance problems.