eisenhower carlos ii

Eisenhower Carlos II

Country Director
B3B Philippines

Eisenhower Carlos II, commonly referred to as “Weiss”, is a known leader in his community because of his activeness in leading socio-civic organizations as well as organizations within his university. Weiss’ brand of leadership is rooted in his experience in both the private and public sector. He was the president of several organizations such as UA&P HOPES, KASANGGA Socio-Political party, The Enterprise Management Association, Pasig Achievers LEO Club, and became the District President of District 301-D2 LEO Clubs. Currently, he serves as an elected Representative for Economic Empowerment in the Pasig Youth Development Council – an entity mandated by Philippine laws.

Aside from his service activities, he is an entrepreneur by profession and is the founder of Weiss Food Lab, a fast-food startup based in Pasig City. He also spends most of his spare time in financial trading and other business ventures. Aside from his business ventures, he is also a freelance social media strategist and graphic designer. 

Weiss’ activeness is rooted in his passion to uplift his community in a socio-economic way. He does not only dream of prosperity for himself, but also to other Filipinos.