dagia aka

Dagia Aka

Head of Marketing
B3B Papua New Guinea

Dagia is a changemaker with over 10 years of experience in the youth development space. His journey began in high school where he volunteered for various youth organization, discovering his passion for youth empowerment. After graduating from secondary school, Dagia was unsuccessful in securing a space in his university of choice. Determined not to be defined by his circumstances, he applied for and was given the role of National Lasallian Youth Ministry Coordinator for the De la Salle Brothers of PNG at the age of 18. This role saw him design and facilitate programs for young people in schools founded by the brothers throughout PNG, working with students in urban and rural communities.

In 2016, Dagia received his first ever board nomination with Transparency International PNG. Serving as their youngest board director for two consecutive terms. During this time, he was also one of the first recipients of the Young Man of Honour Award with the Digicel PNG Foundation, recognizing his exemplary work with youth in PNG. After 3 years of service to the De la Salle Brothers, Dagia joined the staff of Transparency International PNG as their Youth Integrity Program Coordinator. His role with the organization allowed him to participate in the Young Leaders in Open Government Program in Canada, where his cohort founded the first ever Open Gov Youth Collective which brings together young people who are passionate about ensuring that youth are included and present in conversations of Governance.

Dagia has since transitioned into the private sector and continues to be actively with youth organizations and initiatives on a voluntary basis, happily providing his time and expertise to ensure that young people are empowered and creating change in their spaces of influence.