Our Vision

We envision a world where people under 35 are proportionately represented and actively involved in decision-making processes across all levels of governance, paving the way for a just, inclusive, peaceful, and equitable society.

Our Mission

We aim to leverage research to problematize this entrenched marginalization. Our mission is to create youth-responsive and youth-inclusive systems of governance that will guarantee proportional youth representation and decision-making power over matters affecting their present and future civic, economic, political, and social lives. 

The B3B Approach


We leverage context-based research to identify decision-making spaces in society where young people are involved including but not limited to governance in the local, subnational, national, regional, and global levels.


Our evidence-based approach aims to facilitate institutional reform in policy spaces where youth have disproportionate representation and/or inadequate decision-making power .


Our programs on the ground endeavor to strengthen existing avenues where young people are represented in decision-making and create new ones where they do not exist.


Our work is guided by the ultimate objective of redefining the global and local political culture towards normalizing youth in policy and decision-making.